Painting is a basic of art and a simple manufacturing that anyone can work on easily. But, since it is drawn on flat painting materials such as paper and canvas, the focus is on viewing on walls. There is the image that ordinary people cannot enjoy.

So we planned and developed a new painting material "canvas chair" which is based on Com.Chair. Everyone can see, touch and enjoy it. Furthermore, we adopted to it contemporary digital method.
Like the Com.chair, the propeller does the sales and promotion activities of the canvas chair, and the production is carried out by the Dadagram.

The new painting material has the purpose of "incorporating painting everyday and stimulating the creativity of the painter”. There are four important points as specific elements for that.


The thing fulfill all four points is "chair". Chairs are practical items indispensable for modern life, and can be easily moved depending on the material. There are both sides of the plane and the three dimentional shape, and you can touch and feel it by sitting.

The concept of new painting materials is “Seating 3D canvas”, which adds modernity to chair function. We also made it possible to utilize digital data and produce on personal computer.


Canvas chair is an epoch-making structure covering a cardboard-made assembly chair with a removable cover made of polyester, boasting strength that can withstand normal use as chair.


It is possible to paint directly on this cover, and transfer and print digital data such as pictures and photos made with a personal computer. Canvas chair is an "analog and digital hybrid canvas" that anyone can create with handwriting, PC or three-dimensional, in various ways.


Canvas chair is a chair-shape solid and there are the following methods and to draw pictures.
Since it is necessary to draw while thinking about balance and layout, it is always required the conscious and method of space for drawings.

① Drawing directly on the actual canvas chair

Drawing a picture directly by crayons, magic, watercolors etc. on the real Com. Chair with a plain cover. Because the area is wide,
it is also effective to divide each part by multiple persons.

② Drawing on miniatures or templates

Drawing a picture on the chair's three-dimensional miniature or
on a plane template before assembly, transfer it to data and print
it on the cover. As the size is reasonable, you can devise it by yourself and complete it.

③ Assembling a canvas chair

Chair is a structure made by hollowing out parts from flat cardboard and assembled by fitting without using screws or glue. There is fun to make like a plastic model. It is a pleasurable task
to cooperate with each other and build it up.

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Canvas Chair
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